Members will have access to future workshops that will cover various aspects of the art of pottery and sculpture, including:

  • Wheel for beginners, under 2 pounds of clay.
  • Wheel for intermediate, improving techniques.
  • Wheel for advanced, teapots.
  • Wheel for advanced, altered forms.
  • Sculpture, abstract forms
  • Sculpture, animal forms.
  • Sculpture, the human form.
  • Sculpture, portrait head.
  • Handbuilding, slab construction.
  • Handbuilding, water fountains.
  • Handbuilding, lamps.
  • Decoration, engobes and brushwork.
  • Decoration, carving.

NOTE: Cost depends on the length of Workshop. Materials and tools included (firing extra).



$1 per inch

Price includes two firings and glaze materials.