M is for Mina & W is for William.

The Artists are the students.

As a husband & wife team,

MW Artists was born in 2019.

Mina Allen

Jewellery Designer & Gemmologist (FCGmA)


Mina has over 30 years of people experience. She brings jewellery ideas to life as a designer & goldsmith.  Her clients are always involved in the process.

Mina has worked for the banks in downtown Toronto, owned a jewellery store in Mexico, was a Volunteer Manager for non-profit, Jewellery Manager for a pawnbroker & later studied to be a Jeweller (Goldsmith) & Gemmologist.    

William Allen

Ceramic Artist

William was born and raised in Toronto.  His mother put a wheel in the house and showed him how to use it at 12.   He practiced read books by Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach.  He earned a diploma from George Brown College in ceramics in 1985.   Since then he’s taught thousands of people how to use the wheel and make clay sculptures.  He was also a taxi driver, a drywall taper and a TTC bus/subway operator.