Pottery Fun Fridays

How it Works


HIGH FIVE!! Now that you’ve taken the Beginners Pottery, you’re NOW Promoted to Pottery Fun Fridays!!


Cost is $60- per class  

Clay is $20- for 10 pounds (which lasts a long time!)

Kiln firing is $1- per inch each firing (normally takes 2 firings to complete)


Making pottery is a 3 step process. 

Week 1. Forming an object with soft clay on the wheel or hand-building.

Week 2. Finishing the semi-dried object, trimming and assembly.

Week 3. Glazing and decorating. 

Students book their classes as it fits into their schedule.  After a few visits, a class could involve throwing more pots on the wheel, trimming other pots & experimenting with glazes.  
We have a program to focus on each student’s learning of wheel throwing, hand-building, & sculpture.  Students are free to explore their own direction or they can follow the structure of our program.  


We’re here to help you become the best ARTIST you can be.  We provide a peaceful space, assortment of tools, a variety of materials and most importantly, instruction & encouragement to explore and improve your pottery skills.