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Split Vase. 16 inches high. $200-   

This is a one of a kind vase.  After it was thrown on the wheel and dried a little it was cut and altered. Holes were created and the glaze applied in a dripping mannor.  Is this is a sculpture of a vase or a vase sculpture?   It’s a statement of uniqueness in a classical form. 

Carved Vase. 13 inches hign.  $200-

Thrown on the wheel with a carved design on the surface.  Finished with a semi- translucent green glaze to accentuate the carvings and simple form.  A thick strong lip was incorporated to provide the feeling of structural end points.  A vase like this is perfect for presenting flowers on a table or just as a quite statement of simple beauty.

Large Bowl. 16 inches wide.  $250-

Wheel thrown with a thick and strong lip.  The deep form represents the volume of potential content and the contrast between the softness of the finger ridges and the hardness the trimmed foot ring gives this piece a calm yet bold statement of beauty.  Inside the red pours downwards and outside the red pours are upwards providing another level of contrast and comparision.  Handmade and wheelthrown pottery is not just for function, it’s an artistic statement personal and true.  

Teapot. 8 inch wide. $150-

Side handle, full bodied with a sunken lid and chubby spout.  White glaze with blue pours. 

Mugs.  5 inches high.  $50-

Green mugs with interesting handles.  Do you like a big cup of coffee? 

Vase. 10 inches high. $150-

Thrown and carved with a stick fresh on the wheel. Glaze accentuates the design.

Box with Dog.  7 inches wide. $150-

Great for keeping a few favourite things. 

Cassorole 12 inches wide  $150-

Wheel thrown, with brown clay, white engobe applied, carved, and a clear glaze all over. 

Vase. 9 inches high. $150-

Wheel thrown, carved and three handles applied. Glazed white with iron oxide brush strokes. A very unique vase.

Bowl. 6 inches high. $100-

Nice little bowl fo in blue glaze.  Carved plant design in glaze. 

Lidded Jar. 13 inches high.  $200-

A large jar with lid with blue and red glaze pours circling the outside.  It can be a cookie jar in the kitchen or a statement piece of quiet stability, elegant lines and enclosed space in the living room or den.   

3 Section Vase. 18 inches high. $200-

This vase was created in 3 sections then assembled together.  The bottom part was coiled, the middle part was wheel thrown and the top part was slab built.  It’s a one of a kind handbuilt and wheel thrown combination with blue, red and white glazes to further delineate the triple nature of this vase.  Great for large flower arrangements or as a unique statement piece on it’s own.  It’s large size is impressive.

Teapot. 8 inches.  $150-

Over the top handle, sunken lid, round body and with the OM symbol brushed on both sides.


Teapot. 8 inch wide. $150-

Side handle, sunken lid with blue glaze pours over white glaze.

Carved Vase.  7 inches high.  $100-

Thrown and carved, glazed with a deep glassy green. Great for holding a small flower arrangment. 

Vase. 9 inches high.  $150-

Glassy dark green glaze over a carved surface, elegant vase.

Vase. 12 inches high.  $150-

Lidded Jar   10 inches high $175-

Thrown, carved and white glaze all over.

Vase. 7 inches high. $100-

Wheel thrown in brown clay.  White and black engobes applied with a cream glaze all over.

Carved Vase. 13 inches high. $200-

This vase was thrown on the wheel then carved when it was leather hard.  White glaze on the inside and outside down about one third from the top.  The rest of the outside was glazed with a cream glaze exposing the carved design.  This vase is perfect for holding flowers as a center piece on your table.   

Jug. 12 inches high.  $200-

White glazed with red glaze pours provide a bold contrast for this highly functional jug.  The handle is well proportioned  and strong, the lip was thinned and raised to facilitate good pouring.  This jug is practical and beautiful, great for flower arrangments or as a center piece for you table.  A classical form with an abstract design on the surface, this is modern art.

Teapot. 8 inches wide.  $150-

Side handle, sunken lid and a pudgy spout. This teapot has the OM symbol brushed on both sides.

Mugs. 4 inch high. $50-

Straight body, flared lip and comfortable handles.  

Bowl. 6 inches wide.  $100-

Thrown and the rim altered. Trimmed, carved and a green glaze. Nice little candy bowl.

Jug. 9 inches high.  $150-

Green with iron oxide brush strokes. Great for flowers, watering them or holding them like a vase.

Jug. 9 inches high. $150-

White glaze with deep blue glaze pours.  Rim is flared inward and the spout is flared out. Good for watering flowers and for holding flowers. 

Vase 9 inches  $100-

Thrown, carved. white glaze with iron oxide brush strokes.

Nesting Bowls. $100-  $150-

These bowls have a simple and beautiful form.  

Vase. 12 inches high. $150-

This large vase is wheel thrown and carved while soft. Glazed in white with oxide brush strokes resembling the marsh plants called bullrushes.  

Jug. 13 inches high. $200-

Large jug in the pioneer style but with William’s one of a kind glazing pours as the surface design.  This jug can be used as water container, or as a flower vase, or even as storage jar for secret and personal items.  It is a unique and quiet statement of functionality, traditional form, and abstract clouds on the surface.   The handle is strong and proportional to the body of the pot and the spout is pulled out and thinned to facilitate good pouring.  

Giant Bowl. 21 inches wide. $400-

This enourmas bowl was wheel thrown and glazed with a spiral pouring method in blue and white.  Drips and pours with exposed clay provide an interesting simulation to idea of infinity.  Very few potters can make this size bowls anymore.  You can own this incredible one of a kind work of ceramic art created by a potter with over 40 years of experience.  Very rare, very special.  It’s one of William’s favourites.

Teapot.  8 inches wide. $150-

Side handle, straight body with a sunken lid and an elegant spout. The OM symbol is brushed on both sides.

Vase.  9 inches high. $150-

Carved fresh on the wheel with a stick, the bottom was trimmed and two handles applied to create positive and negative spaces.

Bowl.  6 inches wide.  $100-

Thrown and the rim altered. Trimmed, carved and a green glaze. Nice little candy bowl.

Jar.  6 high. $100-

Thrown and carved form, glazed in halves with an interesting overlap.

Vase. 7 inches high. $100-

Thrown and altered form.  Glazed with over pours. Perfect for flower arrangments. 

Bottle. 10 inches high.  $150-

Wheel thrown and altered while very soft.  A comfortable handle and a deep sunken lid which can be used as a cup. The straight cut on the lid provides a place for one’s lip for drinking as a cup.  This is a very unique bottle.

Bowl. 12 inches wide. $200-

Large and deep thrown bowl. Iron oxide brush strokes on outside, white glaze inside with clear glaze all over.  Very interesting glaze effects on inside.