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Puppy Love. 10 inches high.  $250-

This sculpture was created in the spirit of love between a human being and a puppy dog.  Modelled in clay and coloured with ceramic stains, (no glazes).  The man has no shoes, disheveled hair and wearing old clothing, he is poor.  The dog is spunky, playful and wants to lick his face.  It’s a connection between two friends, man and dog.  It’s puppy love.

4 Faced Man.  12 inches high. $250-

Sculpture can be made on the potters wheel. This one is composed of 8 wheel thrown bowls on a clay slab base. It is a man with 4 faces and a hollow head, empty mind. The coarse sandy texture on the surface in highlighted by the shiny black glaze.  This sculpture is also a fuctional vase, it can be used to display flowers.  This is another of William’s “People Pots” made of thrown forms on the wheel.

Vase Sculpture.  12 inches high. $250-

William made the vase and Jade Chim made the flower. The vase was wheel thrown with white clay.  It dried to leather hard and then carved. Black clay was then brushed all over and when it dried a little the entire surface was scraped to reveal the inlayed design. The flower sculpture was hand built and coloured with ceramic stains. The sculpture and the vase were both dipped in a thick clear glaze and fired together creating a single sculpture.  Very few works of art are the collaboration of two artists working together, this is one of those rare examples.

Snow Man. 8 inches high. $250-

This sculpture was modelled in clay and coloured with ceramic stains.  It’s a favourite winter activity, bonding between parent and child.  This sculpture was created by William in the spirit of a Norman Rockwell painting.  This is a one of a kind original sculpture on the subject of family love in Canada.  


Doves.  7 inches high. $150- each

These are white doves of peace about to take flight.  Each one is a combination of 7 wheel thrown parts, altered and assembled together. More examples of using the potters wheel to create sculpture.  These sculptures were created by William to represent peace, purity and potential. One is good, two is better, they could even be used as book ends on a shelf. 

Woman with Dog. 10 inches high $250-

This is a sculpture of a nude woman with her dog, both are looking in the same direction.  People and their dogs are a great subject matter most of us can relate to and nudity is about truthfullness, (nothing to hide).  The clay was modelled and fired, then a coating of iron oxide was washed all over to accentuate the textures.  A crack appeared in the base after the final firing which was filled with epoxy clay.

Dogs.  8 inches.  $150- each

Dogs are our best friends. These are studies of begging, sitting and sleeping dogs, each modelled from a single lump of clay.  They were glazed in white with patches of blue, very adorable.  If you ever had a dog friend in your life you will know the love a dog can give you.  If you give a sculpture of a dog to a dog lover it will be very special indeed.  

Black Bear.  6 inches high.  $100-

Hand modeled in clay and finished with an iron oxide wash.  This playful little sculpture represents the most notorious and dangerous of creatures in Canada.  William has dreamed many terrifying dreams of wild bears and encounted some in the northern Ontario.  One of the roles of an artist is to deal with dreams and fears and bring them into reality by sculpting them.  

My Support. 8 inches high.  $250-

She is flying with his support, Her arms are stretched out like the wings of an eagle her toes are pointed out like the eagles tail. This is love in action.  Modelled in clay on a clay slab base. The base was given a white texture to simulate shallow water.  

Jar Man.  20 inches high. $350-

This is a sculpture of a man in the form of a jar.  Another of William’s “People Pots” this one is also a functional lidded jar.  The main body of the sculpture and the two legs are obvious they were wheel thrown, but the arms are also wheel thrown and hollow. Two eyes and a mouth on each side gives this pot a whimsical study of the human form.  This sculpture is enormous and will bring attention to itself where ever it is placed, yet the jar is big and deep enough to hide your secret belongings in plain sight. 

Potter.  10 inches high. $250-

Sculpture of a potter at work, modelled in clay and fired with an iron oxide wash to bring out the texture and soften the look.  There are very few sculptures of potters at work created in potter’s clay by a potter himself.  This is a conversation piece perfect for the living room table.  This piece should fill the viewer with a sense of the creative spirit.  This is a work of art representing an artist at work.